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  • Find an Immigration Lawyer Fast with Skylex

    Skylex is a new and efficient way to find and talk with an immigration lawyer. Skylex attorneys respond quickly, provide consultation and file your case if needed. Skylex attorneys specialize in every kind of immigration issue, including family and business immigration, work-related visas—both long and short-term–and student and tourist...

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  • Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

    U.S. immigration law is pretty complicated. Any little mistake you make filing an application or petition may cause a major delay, or even a denial! Some clients come to Skylex to deal with mistakes they made filing immigration applications or petitions on their own. They thought it would be...

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  • How much does a U.S. immigration lawyer cost?

    Hourly rate – Immigration lawyers usually charge $100 to $600 per hour. It usually comes with consultation or immigration court proceedings, for example: removal proceedings. Because it is too hard to predict the total cost and lawyer’s time, when dealing with a litigation in court. Flat rate – Attorneys...

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