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The Immigrant (permanent) solutions include: the EB-1, EB-2, and EB-5.

The immigrant visa is issued to a person who intends to reside in the United States permanently.That this visa is harder to get since there is a limited amount available and it is a high likely hood of being placed on a wait list until one becomes available for you (depends on the visa category and the country of origin.The non-immigrant visa is issued to a person with a permanent residence outside of the United States but who wants to come to the United States for a temporary set of time. It is more easily available for you, however these visas do not allow work and are only made for a certain amount of time for you to be in the United States.
There are two applicable subcategories here:
This avenue can be pursuit by the most successful established entrepreneurs. To qualify the product or service that a business is offering should be very successful and have gained a lot of publicity on the market before applying for the EB-1 E11. Immigration Benefits. In short, the business itself must be pretty extraordinary.
The EB-2 visa category provides permanent residency in the US. It is hard to use this category for a new business but once a solid financials are established, there are several ways to obtain a green card through this category.

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