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Utilizing L-1 Visas to Expand your Business in the United States:

A question that we are asked often at Skylex is how a foreign company can bring its own talented employees to the United States to set up and oversee a business expansion here. For many companies, the best and quickest route is to utilize the L-1 visa. While L-1 visas are typically used by larger multi-national corporations to rotate high ranking employees in and out of the U.S., with careful planning a new business expanding into the U.S. for the first time can also receive L-1 approval.

The most important factor for success for an L-1 “new office” visa is a solid plan for how the business will expand into the United States. New office applicants must demonstrate not only that there will be physical office space in the U.S., but also that within one year that new office will be “supporting” the transferred employees. The attorneys at Skylex work with foreign companies and U.S. business advisors to craft the right plan to demonstrate that the new office can meet and exceed all of the requirements laid out by USCIS.

An Another important factor for businesses to consider is which employees are appropriate to send to the U.S. under the L-1 new office. The employees must be managers, executives, or, in limited instances, have very specialized knowledge essential to the success of the expansion. The prospective transfer employee must also have been an employee of the company overseas for at least one year prior to the L-1 transfer.

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At Skylex, we guide our business clients and their employees through every step of the L-1 new office procedure from the initial consultation and strategy determinations to the employee holding the L-1 visa in hand. If your business is ready to expand into the United States, please contact Skylex today to discuss your immigration options.

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