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Skylex is the best app for legal communication.

Skylex takes privacy to a different level.

Communicating and collaborating effectively and confidentially is an important part of practicing law. Skylex is designed to facilitate secure communication for lawyers from any location, keeping all confidential communications safe from prying eyes, and all in one app.

Unlike many other service providers, Skylex never tracks you and sends you ads based on information in the messages you exchange.

None of the calls made on Skylex can be tracked, and the call logs remain on your device, not in, say, Verizon’s database. With Skylex, you can delete call records at any time.

When you send an email, it lives forever the second you press the send button. There is no way to retract it. With Skylex you can delete any message, voice message or attachment at any time, even after it has been read! With Skylex, lawyers are in complete control of information.

On Skylex, when you place a call or send a message, no one sees your cell phone number.

At Skylex, we are committed to guarding attorney-client privileged communication.

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