How to use Skylex

A Step by Step Guide to Use Skylex

The app installation:

Installing Skylex is a quick and easy process, just find our app on the App Store or Play Store and download it.

or just click here

Start by entering your phone number, which we use to create your account.

After entering the 6 digit verification code, you will be asked, “Are you an attorney?” If not, press no and continue. If yes, please check the “For Lawyers” tab for specific information.

After, enter your first and last name, and congrats! You’re in.

Because of Skylex confidential messaging and calling services, your number will NOT be visible to anyone viewing your profile.

Getting started with Skylex.

The app has 5 Tabs:

Chats, Search, Support, Profile, and About.
will be empty since you haven’t sent any messages yet.
allows clients to find you. You can also enter your own name when you want to check your profile (explanation coming up.)
The Legal Help tab is where you can ask verified Skylex professionals for help or guidance. Here they can send you links, documents, or direct you to a lawyer who can help with your needs.
helps you attract and impress clients. It is a powerful resource. Add your picture, your professional slogan or motto, or a quote you really like. Clients have told us that they really like seeing what is important to you as a lawyer.
Below your picture and motto or quote, add a description of your practice and expertise. You can enter up to 100 words. Some clients are shy about checking a lawyer’s experience. This gives you an opportunity to share your bio, strengths and achievements, so clients don’t have to ask. Next, there is a “Location” line for the city and state where you practice. Then, there is a notation about whether you offer a free consultation. You can disable it or indicate that you do offer a free initial consultation. Your hourly rate comes next. Put in a dollar amount, leave it blank, write “Depends,” or anything you prefer. The Profile Section is very intuitive and similar to a Facebook or LinkedIn account. Be sure to save every section you work on! Skylex also has a unique feature: a digital space to showcase lawyers’ credentials and achievements. The “Photos” section holds additional pictures of the lawyer or legal staff, the office environment, diplomas, certificates, bar admission documents or anything else. You can write a short description under each picture.
The “Career and Education” section is also similar to a LinkedIn profile or a resume.
The “Contact” section is for your office address, public phone number, and email and website addresses. Remember that the phone number you used to register stays private, unless you enter it here. If you don’t want to enter a public phone number, that’s okay—clients will still be able to reach you by using the phone button in the app.
The “Publication” section is a great place to make your practice stand out. Add anything at all that you’ve published. Even the articles you wrote for your website will look good here.
The “Social Networks” section lets you add your firm’s Facebook and LinkedIn page to get better visibility.
Now, check how your profile page looks to others by clicking the “View” button below the Social Networks section, and make sure you shine! We suggest that you now share Skylex with your best client, the one who calls you the most. Just send a link to download the app, ask the client to enter your name in the Search Tab and send you a text. Once your clients understand how easy it is to use Skylex instead of calling your office or sending emails, you may notice a calmer tone in their calls and messages. Check this page to see Why Clients Love Skylex.

To Share Skylex with clients, simply copy and paste the below text:

Download Skylex to get in touch with me faster during the pandemic.
Just put my name in search and message or call me.

Send us your inquiry here and we’ll contact you!

    Naomi Lee

    Customer Support