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Support team is available 24/7 to answer any immigration question.

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With Skylex you may get immigration help anytime and from anywhere in the world.

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We advise on any immigration questions and assist with document preparation for all types of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

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We provide consultations through the Skylex mobile app or in our offices across the USA.

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What is Skylex Immigration Lawyer?

Skylex Immigration Lawyer is a one-stop solution to all issues related to immigration to the USA!

We always bring things to fruition!

With our mobile app, you can communicate with your immigration lawyer through audio, video calls, voice messages, and group chat without using emails or phone numbers.

You can easily and quickly schedule an online consultation with our lawyer. If you are already in the US and need to discuss any issues in person, we have several offices in different states.

How does Skylex app work?

Our specialization

Choose your visa type

We are a law firm with 10+ years experience. 

Our team will help solve you immigration issue of any difficulty.

This is the fastest way to obtain a green card and it includes getting a US immigrant visa right away.

Basically, this immigration category includes winners of the green card lottery and family reunification petitions if you already have direct relatives who are already the US citizens or green card holders.

This category implies a change of status for those who are already legally in the United States.

For example, changing a student or tourist visa to a work one. This process is more complex because it requires more time and resources, however, it is no less popular. Fiancé visa is also included into this category.

Here’s what our customers value!

Text Skylex support & get an instant online consultation.

Skylex is available 24\7 in any country & any time zone.

Skylex assures your privacy.

Innovative approach to the legal services: no phone numbers, emails, or voicemail.

Skylex voice memos
save time.

Multilingual support.


The world’s first Immigration Automated Response System

Simply download Skylex, verify your phone number, navigate to the Support tab and ask your legal question. Our professional legal assistants will connect you with an immigration lawyer specializing in your kind of case.

The world’s first Immigration Automated Response System


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Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer? Top Reasons to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Skylex is a Free Immigration Lawyer App. Quickly find and talk to the right immigration lawyer from anywhere in the world.

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How To Get a US Immigration Help with Skylex Immigration Lawyer

Simply download Skylex, verify your phone number, navigate to the Support tab and ask your legal question.

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What our clients say about us

Aizhan Minzhilkieva
Found a lawyer within 30 mins
Read More
Was looking for Avvo app to download, but found this app instead. Left the message and Naomi answered within 20 mins. She helped me to connect with the right attorney in my area within minutes. He called me right away and we had a free consultation.
Faster and Easier
Read More
I called so many different places looking for an immigration lawyer, but it was very hard to get in touch with an actual lawyer since it was either many missed calls back and forth or long waits to schedule a meeting. I found this app, and it made everything so much easier!
Immigration consultation
Read More
It was really nice conversation with Mikhail. He is very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions with patience. I will recommend Skylex app to my friends whoever need immigration consultation.
Needed for sure ​​ ‌
Read More
Voice memos save so much time and repetition. Once I send one to a client, she can listen to it again and again, until she understands it. The client is happy, and I don’t have to spend valuable time and billable hours explaining things.
Tim witry
Wow! Very impressed with the app
Read More
My law firm deals with international clients, and I like being able to call them and text them in the app. The document sharing feature is useful. All of our associates and paralegals are using the app and I’m getting good reports.
Prince Yubraj Kark
5 star attorney team-Skylex
Read More
I had the pleasure to work with Skylex team. They are very kind people who have a passion of helping others; they have helped alot of people who were residents become citizens, including my wife. They helped my wife through all the process and explained everything to her in a fine manner.
Ola Ivanova
Immigration consultation
Read More
It was really helpful to use this app. All of my questions were answered very quickly. It’s very comfortable to have legal support in one app and don’t source your conversation through any other socials and mail.
It was really nice conversation with Mikhail.
Read More
He is very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions with patience. I will recommend Skylex app to my friends whoever need immigration consultation. I am able to get attorney to clarify my doubts even during weekend.
Shahin Safaroff
Thanks a lot to Skylex Team
Read More
They have helped me a lot, Apps is very well designed, and team is extremely prompt in supporting individuals
Nick stefen
Pretty good experience
Read More
I like seeing pics of my clients when I talk with them. The voice memos are very convenient. I don’t have to type everything out, and my clients don’t call me as much because they can replay my voice instructions if they forget something.
David Frijolito
Wow! Very impressed with the app
Read More
I actually got connected to a real lawyer immediately and had a consultation. I sent my docs thru the app to my new lawyer on Skylex and we filed my case like in a week. I was looking on google and calling different offices for like 2 weeks before that and could not find anyone. Thank you. I highly recommend.
jims parsons
We’re using Skylex at our law firm to text with clients and make online consultations.
Read More
It’s very convenient for us. The voice memos are useful and my own clients appreciate that feature. The app works really well for younger clients who are used to texting.
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