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It can take forever to find a good US immigration lawyer. And, once you’ve found an immigration attorney, there is no guarantee that she or he is a good one. Skylex is your one-stop shop for the finest immigration legal services. Just download the app from the App Store or Play Store, write your question in the Legal Help tab and we’ll direct you to an immigrations attorney experienced in your issue.
Skylex is a legal marketplace of qualified US immigration lawyers. We provide the infrastructure to connect the right lawyer to a client through our search, support and communication capabilities. It’s like Uber, only for legal services. Skylex users can get help faster, better and always stay connected to their attorneys.
Super fast. Just download the app, register with your name and phone number (never disclosed!) and ask your question. A Skylex paralegal will gather initial information about your case and will put you in touch with a lawyer–all inside the app. No emails, voicemail, dialing office numbers or phone calls needed.
You can go here to see sample prices, but pricing depends on your individual needs. We offer paid consultations, petition filing, and we provide legal support for court hearings, etc.
Yes, click here to sync your mobile app chats to communicate with a Skylex lawyer using your computer.
Yes. Skylex works in every country. Feel free to talk to a lawyer while you’re traveling. Make video calls, group calls, group chats, etc.

Naomi Lee

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