Skylex is a new and efficient way to find and talk with an immigration lawyer.
Skylex attorneys respond quickly, provide consultation and file your case if needed.

Skylex attorneys specialize in every kind of immigration issue, including family and business immigration, work-related visas—both long and short-term–and student and tourist visas.

The new Skylex mobile app platform makes the immigration process easy and stress free. You can quickly download “Skylex – Immigration Lawyer” from the App Store or Play Store, register with your name and phone number (never disclosed!) and send a message to our Support Team. We’re almost always on duty, and we’ll take care of you.

Once we’ve connected you with an attorney experienced in your kind of case, you’ll be able to chat directly with that lawyer through the app, and even call them, whether you’re in or outside the US, just like you could on Zoom or WhatsApp, but better because Skylex is an app that specializes in immigration legal issues.

As one of our users recently wrote in an App Store review, “I have been able to communicate directly with my attorney, much like I do with my friends over chat, rather than in a formal business setting.”

It’s been tough lately to get new visas from US Embassies anywhere in the world, but Skylex attorneys have the expertise to speed up that process and get visas stamped faster.

Also, we get a lot of inquiries about difficult Requests for Evidence (RFEs.) People are unsure about their lawyer’s ability to handle an RFE and they want another qualified pair of eyes to look at it. Skylex attorneys are accustomed to reviewing RFEs and can advise you on the best response strategy. That’s given a lot of people peace of mind.

There’s no need to put off dealing with your immigration issue any longer. All you need to do is download Skylex using these links and text us. We’ll take it from there!