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O-1 Visas: Immigration Options for the Extraordinary

O-1 visas are set aside for individuals who are the best of the best. Though one of the most selective and complex U.S. visas to receive, there were over 20,000 new O-1 visas issued in 2014 alone.

What is an O-1 Visa?

Who qualifies for an O-1 visa?

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O-1A : A foreign national may qualify for an O-1A visa if he is she has:

O-1B: Similarly, and foreign national may qualify for an O-1B visa if he or she has:

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How to Apply for an O-1 Visa?

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How long is an O-1 visa valid?

Can an O-1 lead to a Green Card?

What options are there for supporting Personal and Family Members of O-1 visa holders?

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