Skylex offers a friendly, easy way to find and talk with immigration lawyers in the US

We quickly get you professional legal help with JUST ONE TAP!

Your Attorney in Your Pocket!

Get help from the best local immigration lawyers on Skylex!

Waiting for a lawyer to get back to you, playing phone tag and using voicemail are things of the past.  We offer a 21st century approach to communicating with lawyers.

Skylex lets you text immigration lawyers and get immediate online consultations. 

We can help with DACA, Work Visas, Green Cards, Asylum, Deportations, Extensions or any other immigration-related inquiries.

Download Skylex on the App Store or Play Store.

The app screen shows 5 tabs: Chat, Search, Legal Help, Mobile calls, and Profile.

Click here for information on How to download Skylex and how to use it.

Legal Support

We are the legal first response team for all immigration questions.

We work to quickly connect you with the right immigration attorney in your area. 

We are not like defensive legal secretaries who never connect you with an attorney but just want your emails and phone number, so that “someone will get back to you” (and they never do). We are here to listen and get your legal issue resolved super quickly. 

Friendly Atmosphere 

Informal Chats  

You know how awkward it sometimes feels when talking about a sensitive legal matter with a lawyer you don’t know well, or haven’t met? Skylex provides a better experience. You can talk with a lawyer over chat, just as you do with friends, rather than in a stuffy business setting. If you forget to mention something, just send a Skylex voice message afterward.

No phone numbers, No emails, No voicemail​

No more horror stories trying to track down a lawyer by calling an office or sending emails, only to get an impersonal response. Skylex’s elegant mobile solution lets you call or text from the same screen, directly to the lawyer’s cell phone.

WaldorfAstoriaFinally an app that works!
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I have been incredibly well taken care of, and my case was always treated as if it had priority. The app helped me find a great attorney who did not give up until he found a solution for me. I highly recommend Skylex and will use it for future services.
mike1717555Very useful!
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My immigration attorney recommended that I use Skylex to talk to her (especially during the shutdown). Everything works great. It's nice and fast and I always can reach out my attorney with questions. Much better than emails and leaving voicemail that never get answered.
AntoninaBesianovnaGreat app!
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Been talking to a lawyer for a while now. All is great! Love this app! Thank you for creating it.
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Very good app. Thanks for my attorney.

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