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  • EB-5 Visa Program

    The EB-5 visa program was specifically designed to promote the immigration of entrepreneurs who can help the U.S. Economy grows through the creation or preservation of businesses and jobs. Through this program, a foreign investor is able to sponsor himself as well as direct family members for residency in...

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  • Frequently asked questions about immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic

    With so many immigration changes occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people have been affected in and out of the United States. Skylex team answers to the most commonly asked questions about immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have more questions about your unique immigration situation and...

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  • What happens if you don’t show up to your green card interview ?

    On the off chance that a candidate has missed their green card talk with, there are by and large two alternatives for rescheduling. The main choice is to connect with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Contact Center by telephone. The guest ought to be prepared with their...

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  • F-1 Student Visa

    The F-1 understudy visa is the most well-known visa for understudies needing to concentrate in the United States. It is a brief visa for unfamiliar understudies who enter the United States to proceed with their schooling at an authorize the everyday schedule. In 2012, around 486,000 new F-1 visas...

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