Immigrants in the US applying for assistance such as US citizenship or green card replacement for a permanent residency have to undergo a lot as the process is quite complicated. While wanting to change the existing immigration status, acquiring a fresh one or simply adjusting the fresh immigration status, there may arise numerous time constraints, myths, complex processes and complicated paperwork.

But do you know the good news? Immigrants can now apply for U.S. citizenship and green cards online. Here’s how!

Using new tools available on the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration’s Service) homepage, the Immigrants can apply for U.S. citizenship and green cards online. The process of application for getting a U.S. work permit, or known as EAD (employment authorization document) is simply straightforward. All you need to do is to fill the one-page form, attach the applicable fee, documents, and photos proving that you are eligible, to be submitted to the USCIS, (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Firstly you need to create a personal account with the USCIS by visiting their official website. USCIS announced that the applicants need can use the online platform to apply for an immigration status. USCIS granted this permission for the ease of candidates waiting to apply for a US visa.

Obtaining and maintaining a lawful immigration status in the United States can be quite confusing and lengthy experience for a foreign national.

Since the immigration law is critically a matter of federal law, it is very important that the attorney represents the foreign individual all throughout the United States of America and abroad. To put it out in simple words, selection of the Global Immigration Attorneys in the United States should be the first and foremost step which is extremely vital. A professional attorney can help you in moving the case forward through close association with the client.

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