The procedure for becoming an established citizen starts with filing an N-400 application, along with including certain documents, depending upon the individual’s circumstances. After all the paperwork documentations has been done, USCIS mails you about the appointment letter for having your biometrics done. Following the appointment, USCIS then schedules an interview where you are inquired about the application, along with taking the Civics and English test. As per immigration laws, you can have an Immigration Lawyer present during the interview.

An expert Family Based Immigration attorney guides you through every single step, ensuring that all the required documents are submitted properly.

For people, who try and manage it on their own often make errors that can result in delay in the procedure, or by paying any extra charge or denial of green card or visa.

An immigration lawyer charges around$150 and $300 every hour, with a basic 30-min consultation fee of 75-150 dollars. Legal support when filing the basic immigration forms price ranges from 250-800 dollars, while the green card assistance varies from 800-5,000 dollars along with the USCIS fees of 460-700 US Dollars.

Obtaining a legal immigration status is quite complicated and a lot overwhelming, so when appointing for any legal assistance, it is important to know about few things. Here in this article, we will talk about all the essential points that you need to know, while seeking legal assistance.

Legal help when filing the basic immigration form costs around 250-800 US dollars. The Asylum application assistance charges around 1,000-3,000 dollars, while the deportation defense costs you around 2,000-10,000 US dollars. You can also get the free estimates from some of the best immigration lawyers only at Skylex.

In most of the cases, the immigration attorney charges you with an hourly rate of 150-300 USdollars per hour, whereas other platforms charge a specific fee for the whole process of immigration. For any basic immigration filing of form, you are expected to pay approximately 250-200 US dollars in fees. An expert Immigration attorney fee significantly varies depending upon the type of service and the time commitment required.

Immigration Lawyer Price

For a usual application of employment authorization or a work visa, an immigration lawyer will charge around250-500 US dollar for his legal assistance. For US citizenship or the naturalization application, expected to pay approximately500-1,200 dollars whereas for the asylum application, the price range varies from 1,000-3,000 dollars.

An average immigration attorney’s fee are 600-1,400 dollars with the price range between 370-12,000 US dollars depending on the category of the case. Also, there isa USCIS Fee involved where the cost varies between 460-700 dollars on an average.

When planning for immigration and you are applying for the US Citizenship, there are various forms, procedures and requirements, to apply for a specific case. Do confirm it with your immigration lawyer, regarding the entire procedure and the associated fees.

Cost of Work Visa in United States of America

When you are applying for H-1B Work Visa in the United States, you are likely to spend 1,195-1,495 dollarsfor the attorney fee, varying 460-2,460 US Dollaralong with the USCIS filing fee. The process usually takes around 15-150 daysfor the entire process.

If you are planning on visiting the United States of America and needing a temporary B-1 Visa, the attorney fee can be typically charged around 400 dollars, and the filing procedure usually takes around 5 working days for the processing. When extending,renewing, or changing of the B-1 or B-2 Visa, the attorney feeis around$400, the USCIS fees is approximately 370 dollars, and the processing time is around 60-90 days.

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