Are you planning to work in Washington DC as a job offer from an employer, or getting enrolled as a student, or for marriage? The reason behind entering the Washington Dc will determine whether you need a Washington Dc Family Based Immigration Lawyer or not, and if yes, then what type of assistance you will need.The procedure for becoming an established citizen starts with filing an N-400 application, along with including certain documents, depending upon the individual’s circumstances. After all the paperwork documentations has been done, USCIS mails you about the appointment letter for having your bio metrics done. Following the appointment, USCIS then schedules an interview where you are inquired about the application, along with taking the Civics and English test. As per immigration laws, you can have an Immigration Lawyer present during the interview.

For becoming a regular citizen of the US, the basic requisite for the applicant is to hold a Green card i.e. Permanent Residency. Depending on the case, one needs to be a permanent resident for a minimum time period of 3 to 5 years former to the citizenship application. Also, one should be at least 18 years old for filing the naturalization request, be able to communicate, read and write rudimentary English, and hold a good moral character. For various requirements, there are certain exceptions that apply, which is why it become extremely important to consult a professional Washington Dc Family Based Immigration Lawyer to validate whether you can qualify for various exemptions or not.

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Talking of Washington Dc Family Based Immigration laws, the process of earning entry via green card or work visa, can be undoubtedly complex.

An expert Family Based Immigration attorney guides you through every single step, ensuring that all the required documents are submitted properly.

For people, who try and manage it on their own often make errors that can result in delay in the procedure, or by paying any extra charge or denial of green card or visa.

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