As per the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), nearly 11 million immigrants are in California which is the highest number of immigrants than any other state. If you are one of them or one who seek any other sort of immigration service then you must contact to any certified Immigration Attorney in California.

Certified Immigration Attorney in California provides end number of immigration services. Few of them are as follows

Immigration services to IT Firms

Every year, California based IT companies hire employees from different regions of the world to fulfill their manpower needs. Throughout the recruitment process, they do not think much about legal part and opt for inexperienced immigration service due to which they suffer a lot at various stages. To avoid such situations, IT companies must prefer only certified Immigration Attorney in California.

A certified Immigration Attorney in California offers complete legal services to IT companies. From hiring to firing an employee, a certified attorney handles everything.

An attorney helps IT companies to hire such employees that are both consistent and talented so that companies can avoid delays as well as liabilities at work place. Various immigration services can be availed by an IT company from a certified Immigration Attorney in California like

  • HR Departmental Relief
  • Green card for employees
  • H / L Visas
  • PERM Labor Certifications
  • OPT / CPT etc.

US Green Card Services 

A Green Card is one of the most preferred things among immigrants in U.S. and citizens of other countries. A Green Card allows person to live in America permanently. It can be obtained through many ways like marriage, work etc.

A person seeking for a green card can apply for US Green Card through any certified Immigration Attorney in California. A certified attorney is one who helps candidate in getting permanent residency papers in the United States. Papers can be obtained through work, marriage, employment sponsorship programme, investment scheme etc.

Work Visa Services 

US Dollar is one of the strongest currencies across the world. Due to which, every year thousands of people from several parts of world apply for US work visa. To work in United States, work visa is mandatory for a non-US citizen. Description of all work visas are given below

  • H-1B Visa – It is one of the most popular work visas among candidates who seek employment in the United States. H-1B work visa issues to only those candidates who have a Bachelor’s or higher degree.
  • H-2A Visa – This visa issues by a US based employer to hire citizens of countries other than US for temporary agricultural jobs in the United States. This work visa is best for such foreign nationals who wish to do agricultural labor or any other sort of labor which is seasonal or temporary in nature.
  • Other US work visas – Few other US work visas are H-2B, H-3, H-4, L-1, L-1 and L-2.

Other Services

Apart from above mentioned immigration services, a certified immigration Attorney in California also offers several other services such as Advisory Opinions for P Visas, B1 / B2 Visitor visa, change of status, F – 1 visa, J – 1 visa, religious worker visa etc.

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To opt for any type of immigration service of a certified attorney in California, applicant must have to pay a certain amount towards immigration fee. Immigration fee varies from service to service. For more details refer to the concerned website.   Click Here