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2021 is a year of post-pandemic fever

Legal smartphone and desktop apps are increasingly used by lawyers in 2021. This list shows the leading legal apps used my attorneys and their features.

1. Skylex

A mobile app that lets lawyers “put your practice in your pocket” as a single, secure tool for all client and paralegal communications and document transmission. Masks cell numbers. Attracts and refers clients.

2. Clio

A CRM platform that helps lawyers manage cases.

3. INS Zoom

INSZoom is the first SaaS cloud-based immigration case management software.

4. Zoom

Video calls. In wide use during the pandemic.

5. Dropbox

Storage for legal documents.

6. LexisNexis

Well-known legal, government, business and high-tech information source.

7. Skype

Video or audio calls to clients in the US and abroad.

8. Google Voice

Call potential clients while disguising your cell number.

9. Thumbtack

A mobile and web app to get more clients.

10. DocuSign

Allows clients to sign documents online

11. Stripe

Accept client payments from anywhere.

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