As per the U.S. immigration laws, people can either be treated as citizens or simply aliens. This law classifies the aliens as per their immigration status, with every group awarded different rights and obligations, like the legal right to reside in the States, rights to sponsor the relatives, and the legal right to become an employer in the United States. Aliens can either be lawfully permanent residents (green card holders), a temporary lawful visitor, immigrant visa holders, or any undocumented person

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (also known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement being the components of the Department of Homeland Security that handles the enforcement, processing, and adjudication of all the U.S. immigration matters.

An Affordable & Best  Immigration attorney represents the person seeking a visa or a green card, allowing him to enter the United States. Two of the most common types of immigration visas include family-based visas and employment-based visas.

Employment-based visa contributes a non-U.S. citizen the legal right to be able to work in the United States of America. Any children or spouse may sometimes accompany the employment-based immigrant. A Family-based visa confers lawful permanent residence status to any foreign national based on his immediate relationship to the U.S. citizen.

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Deportation/removal, talking of a formal removal of any alien from the US when he has been found responsible for violating any immigration laws. Removal that was previously termed as deportation is declared by an immigration judge without the prior punishment being contemplated or imposed.

Talking of Lawful permanent residence: A person, who is not a US citizen but is residing in the United States has to be under a legally recognized and lawful permanent residency as an immigrant.

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