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With Skylex lawyers can send texts, call and exchange documents with clients for free, using cell phones and without disclosing their cell phone numbers. Skylex is a law firms app where lawyers can keep all attorney-client communications in one app and there is no limit on the number of texts, calls (including free international calls), or documents; everything is unlimited.  Skylex replaces landlines, second work cell phones, call-forwarding services and emails. With Skylex lawyers can render legal services at home or on the go, at any time, all in complete privacy.  To learn more about Skylex, go to the About Skylex page. 


Download Skylex, the lawyer app, and register with your cell phone number. Don’t worry—your cell number stays private while using Skylex, and we never, ever share it with anyone. You can practice remotely, making calls and sending documents while keeping your cell phone invisible to clients. 


Skylex is available on the App Store and Play Store. We have many good reviews by lawyers and clients that prove that we bring a valuable service to the legal community. Put Skylex in the search box to see the best mobile app for lawyers. 

Fill out the Profile tab

Once you have registered in the lawyer app as a lawyer, please start with the Profile tab. The Profile tab is essential for clients to see the benefits of your practice and to contact you. Before that, a good-looking profile is a way for our staff to determine your practice area and send the right vetted clients your way. 

Fill out the information, including: 

You may also insert information, such as your professional slogan, motto, mission, or any other information about your practice. You can add pictures, and an office number (please keep in mind that only that number will be visible to the public. Your cell phone number always stays private). You can also fill out your experience and education, add diplomas or professional certificates and anything else that will help you stand out among competitors, including publications, thank you letters, and client reviews. Be sure to save all information as you enter it by clicking on the save button in the upper right corner of the screen.

A complete profile makes you look more approachable and helps clients understand your practice before they contact you.

Support tab

Support tab

Next, go to the Support tab in the middle of the screen. The Support tab is our where our legal support team can answer questions. Send us a message that you’re registered, your profile is complete and you’re ready to go.  Remember, if you have questions at any point in the process, just go to the Support tab and one of our specialists will assist you. Since Skylex is an entirely legal app, the Support Team consists of trained paralegals.   

About Skylex

Please visit the About Skylex page for more detailed information about the best lawyers application, Skylex.

See the below pages to learn more about our legal app:

We developed Skylex for lawyers only.

Our team knows the pain the legal professionals are facing in the digital age and we strive to modernize the legal industry. The whole application is for law firms and solo practitioners and each feature on Skylex is carefully crafted to solve the lawyer’s pain at work and at home. We focus on helping lawyers manage the existing business and getting new. We want every lawyer to take advantage of the latest software technologies and easily integrate them into the law practice. Skylex is the best lawyer app available on the market. Skylex replaces many traditional tools lawyers use to be mobile.

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Our verifiable reviews from the App Store and Play Store

WaldorfAstoriaFinally an app that works!
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I have been incredibly well taken care of, and my case was always treated as if it had priority. The app helped me find a great attorney who did not give up until he found a solution for me. I highly recommend Skylex and will use it for future services.
mike1717555Very useful!
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My immigration attorney recommended that I use Skylex to talk to her (especially during the shutdown). Everything works great. It's nice and fast and I always can reach out my attorney with questions. Much better than emails and leaving voicemail that never get answered.
AntoninaBesianovnaGreat app!
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Been talking to a lawyer for a while now. All is great! Love this app! Thank you for creating it.
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Very good app. Thanks for my attorney.




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