Skylex is an app that can help anyone quickly find the right lawyer, get connected, and get help.

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Skylex is a free mobile app that makes it easy to get immigration services

Attorneys on Skylex specialize in a variety of immigration areas, such as

  • Work Visas
  • Employment-based Immigration
  • Family-based Immigration
  • DACA
  • Asylum
  • Deportation
  • EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, EB-5 VISA categories
  • Tourist visas
  • Investment visas
  • F-1 student visas and more!

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Simply download Skylex, verify your phone number, navigate to the Support chat tab and ask your legal question.

Our professional legal assistant will connect you with an immigration lawyer specializing in your kind of case.

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A lot of amazing & cool features
Skylex lets you text immigration lawyers and get immediate online consultations
The app made it easier for me to talk to my attorney and share all the facts and find solutions. I have been able to communicate with my lawyer continually throughout the day, even in the evenings, in order to continually keep him updated on my case.
Skylex works in any country, in any time zone.
Clients and lawyers can text and call whenever they are connected to the Internet. There is no need to buy international calling plans or carry lists of phone numbers.
Skylex assures privacy
Skylex is perfect for clients who wish to safeguard their privacy during legal consultation. The client’s cell phone number is not visible to the attorney, and all of the case information exchanged can be deleted when the legal representation is over
No phone numbers, No emails, No voicemail
No more horror stories trying to track down a lawyer by calling an office or sending emails, only to get an impersonal response. Skylex’s elegant mobile solution lets you call or text from the same screen, directly to the lawyer’s cell phone.
Skylex voice memos save time.
Attorneys and clients can send each other Skylex voice messages instead of typing long memoranda or chat messages. Clients love this feature because it lets them easily and quickly present information about their cases without office visits or snail mail.
Friendly Atmosphere
You know how awkward it sometimes feels when talking about a sensitive legal matter with a lawyer you don’t know well, or haven’t met? Skylex provides a better experience. You can talk with a lawyer over chat, just as you do with friends, rather than in a stuffy business setting. If you forget to mention something, just send a Skylex voice message afterward.


works perfectly on any devices


kind words from app and android users

Skylex was recommended to me by a friend and it has been such a great help, as I go through the process of applying for a green card. I have been able to communicate with my lawyer continually throughout the day, even in the evenings, in order to continually keep him updated on my case. When I felt like I forgot something, all I had to do was send a text and I quickly received a reply. I have been incredibly well taken care of, and my case was always treated as if it had priority. The app helped me find a great attorney who did not give up until he found a solution for me.

App user

I downloaded the app to speak to an attorney in regards to bringing my family from back home to the US. The process of finding an attorney to actually getting paperwork submitted to embassy’s was completely streamlined. I encourage anyone else who needs immigration services to download the app. A truly new yet efficient way of receiving great immigration services

Samra Asefi
App user

I called so many different places looking for an immigration lawyer, but it was very hard to get in touch with an actual lawyer since it was either many missed calls back and forth or long waits to schedule a meeting. I found this app, and it made everything so much easier! I just told them what I needed, and they connected me to a lawyer right away. The app itself is also very easy to use. Definitely recommending to my friends!

App user

Found a lawyer within 30 mins Was looking for Avvo app to download, but found this app instead. Left the message and Naomi answered within 20 mins. She helped me to connect with the right attorney in my area within minutes. He called me right away and we had a free consultation. Great bonus is that the attorney speaks my native language! What a pleasant coincidence.

Aizhan Minzhilkieva
App user

My immigration attorney recommended that I use Skylex to talk to her (especially during the shutdown). Everything works great. It’s nice and fast and I always can reach out my attorney with questions. Much better than emails and leaving voicemail that never get answered.

App user

It was really nice conversation. The attorney is very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions with patience. I will recommend Skylex app to my friends whoever need immigration consultation. I am able to get attorney to clarify my doubts even during weekend.

App user

Skylex is so helpful. Well organized. I don't see any other app that can compare to skylex for legal advice. I highly recommend skylex!!! 2 thumbs up!!!!!

John Young
Android user

I had to speak on behalf of my mom and felt intimidated trying to approach law firms. On Skylex, I was able to text my lawyer like we were friends.

Porlis Jonas
Android user

My experience with this app has been nothing short of excellent! The first of its kind, this app allows you to communicate with the best lawyers at your convenience in any location. I have many international friends who needed consultations, and I immediately referred them here for thorough and seamless service. The strength of this app lies in its service to the client first. Skylex and its lawyers strive first for those they serve, and for that my friends and I will always be grateful.

Kathleen Hines
Android user

Awsome App!!! Several Attorneys respond quickly and thoroughly with excellent advice as well as recommendations to follow follow up and through with!!!

Renata Palazzolo
Android user


packages for all startup sizes


Flat fee for every petition

  • H-1B
  • Green Card
  • P visa
  • O visa
  • Change of Status
  • RFE Response


$ 150 30-min

  • Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer by phone call
  • Any immigration issue
  • Continuous support
  • Anonymous


Chat Support

$ 75

  • A low-budget option
  • Ask any question
  • No obligation
  • Messaging or a short call




have a question look here
It can take forever to find a good US immigration lawyer. And, once you’ve found an immigration attorney, there is no guarantee that she or he is a good one. Skylex is your one-stop shop for the finest immigration legal services. Just download the app from the App Store or Play Store, write your question in the Legal Help tab and we’ll direct you to an immigrations attorney experienced in your issue.
Skylex is a legal marketplace of qualified US immigration lawyers. We provide the infrastructure to connect the right lawyer to a client through our search, support and communication capabilities. It’s like Uber, only for legal services. Skylex users can get help faster, better and always stay connected to their attorneys.
Super fast. Just download the app, register with your name and phone number (never disclosed!) and ask your question. A Skylex paralegal will gather initial information about your case and will put you in touch with a lawyer–all inside the app. No emails, voicemail, dialing office numbers or phone calls needed.
You can go here to see sample prices, but pricing depends on your individual needs. We offer paid consultations, petition filing, and we provide legal support for court hearings, etc.
Yes, click here to sync your mobile app chats to communicate with a Skylex lawyer using your computer.
Yes. Skylex works in every country. Feel free to talk to a lawyer while you’re traveling. Make video calls, group calls, group chats, etc.


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